Zeroconf Kodi Zeroconf XBMC Bonjour


Zeroconf is a protocol that provides connection information on the network to other systems.  This will allow discovery of a device or computer on its name, rather than its IP address.   Zeroconf is basically required on both endpoints.

The Sybu Remote for Kodi can auto configure if Zeroconf is enabled in Kodi AND the operating system supports it. Different services are provided for the different operating systems:

  • On Windows, Zeroconf is available as Apple Bonjour Print services.  (If you have iTunes on your computer this is already installed)
  • On Mac OSX, it is already installed.
  • On Linux and embedded platform such as Raspberry PI, you may need to install a service such as mDNS, or Avahi.

Zeroconf is not required for manual IP setup.  If you do not have Zeroconf service installed on your system, then you can always just specify the IP address of the Kodi host.

Kodi 17 + Android :   Kodi 17 on Android device does not have Zeroconf support!  So the remote cannot automatically discover Kodi.  This is a Kodi issue, not the remote.  You will need to manually enter the IP addrress of the Kodi device. See setup instructions