Sybu Remote for Kodi – Release and Version history


v3.62 –  20 April 2021

  •  Fix. Dashboard missing fanart when connecting to Kodi v19
  •  Fix. Movies, TV Shows, Episodes missing fanart when connecting to Kodi v19
  • Updated. Improved time slider with time scrubbing
    • Tap and hold time slider, then slider finger down, then slide finger left or right
    • The time increment will be smaller for further down


v3.61 – Release – 18 April 2021

  • Fix. Time slider. Updated support for Kodi v19 (Matrix)

v3.60 – Release – 16 April 2021

  • Support added for iOS v14.5
  • Minimum iOS supported v12
  • New. Language localization for FR
  • New. Dark mode support
  • Fix. Time slider erratic seek. Remove scrubbing functionality.
  • Fix. Minor User Interface fixes

v3.40 – Release – 4 April 2018

  • Improved performance when app becomes active and content is already playing.
  • Minor interface enhancement for iPhone X screen layout

v3.30 – Release – 20 December 2017

  • Support for iPhone X screen layout

v3.20 – Release – 13 December 2017

  • Support for iOS 11
  • Fixed bug that did not persist user entered MAC address.
  • Haptic Feedback (Vibration feedback) for main screen. Can be disabled in the Info/setup.

v3.11 – Release – 24 April 2017

  • Library.Music. Fixed missing buttons for Album Queue and Album Play
  • Minor UI fixes in display in Now Playing list
  • Subtitles selection, changed to use a popover similar to audio stream selection.

3.10- 10 April 2017

  • Bug fixes for intermittent crashes in Media Library section when browsing sources, also movies without titles, tv series.
  • Minor interface enhancement
  • Added option ‘Reverse Scroll’ that user can set preference to swap the scroll /gesture direction between natural and unnatural.

Version 3.00- 29 March 2017

  • Support to save multiple host profiles
  • Swipe gesture for on-screen navigation up, down, left, right. This is particular useful for scrolling lists on-screen without needing to look down at the remote.
  • Connect via cellular 3G/4G/LTE, VPN, Hotspot permitted
  • WoL (Wake on LAN) fixed.  (Functionality was broker by iOS 10.2 upgrade)
  • Friendly / Display name can be configured for a host
  • Option to manually set MAC address for WoL
  • Various UI display fixes, related to layout
  • Support for iOS 10.2 and later
  • Library. Movie synopsis, sometimes overlaps actor display
  • Favourites, fixed bug that did not always list all favourite items from Kodi
  • Host Discovery. Prevent use of hostname localhost.local, automatically use discovered IP address
  • Volume.  Automatically un-mute when adjusting volume
  • Subtitle management. Added popover, that allows for language selection, or download option via subtitle plugin when available
  • Added more information on screen, when connection to host fails. Automatically perform ping and diagnostics to improve issue resolution
  • Fixed missing Fan-art, when authentication was required on connection
  • Plugins.  Hide disabled plugins
  • Fixed intermittent bug that failed to restore connection when swapping between WiFi availability or different access points.
  • Automatic resume of video at last saved time
  • Time slider scrubbing

Time Adjust  – time scrubbing (fine grain time adjustment)

  • Tap and hold time slider, then slider finger down, then slide finger left or right
  • The time increment will be smaller for further down


On Screen Navigation

Several additional on screen navigation options are available

Repeated scrolling – long press hold

For repeated scrolling in a direction, which may be useful for long on screen lists,  simply tap and hold direction button


Gesture based scrolling

Swipe, flick, drag scroll based gesture can initiated from anywhere on-screen except very top, very bottom,  and not on the time or volume control.


Host Management – Delete Host

Long press hold the Host icon

Version 2.00- September 2015

-Updated layout for iPhone 6
-Updated layout for iPhone 6 Plus
-Faster response for time seek up/down buttons. fast repeated taps. tap and hold
-Fixed favourites not displayed
-Prevent accidental time slider adjustment on stale time.
-Seek scrubber added. Drag finger down for finer time adjustment
-Copy / Paste of clipboard text. Keyboard text visible while typing
-Movie Filter. Filter on genre. Sort on Movie Name, Rating, Date Added, Movie Release Year
-TV Shows Filter. Filter on genre. Sort on Name, Rating, Date Added, Show Release Year. Order on Episodes
– Some small UI tweaks

Version 1.92- 13 March 2015

-Bugfix: intermittent hang of interface, forcing reconnect, when communicating with Kodi host

Version 1.90-  12 February 2015

sd_kodi_96-Springboard icon changed from ‘Sybu Xbmc’ to ‘Sybu Kodi’
-Subtitle selection
-Audio stream selection.
-Display of MAC address in WoL (Wake on Lan)
-Improved handling of WoL state
-Minor bug fixes related to display for favourites and add-ons, when no items found

Version 1.82- 9 January 2015

-improved compatibility with Kodi
-fixed display of elapsed, remaining time for content longer than 2hrs
-minor user interface improvements

Version 1.81- 16 December 2014

– Watched filter for Movies
– Watched filter for TV Series and episodes.
– Bugfix for iOS8, no WiFi indicator. Issue introduced by iOS8 due to changes in Reachability.

Version 1.80- 13 October 2014

– Tap and hold on-screen Navigation buttons (up, down, left right) for continuous navigation direction.
– Bugfix on iOS8 crash when presenting shutdown options. Replaced deprecated control.
– Bugfix for iOS8 when presenting keyboard.
– Increased size of elapsed and remaining time
– Reformatted elapsed and remaining time to include hour display

Version 1.70 – 16 August 2014

1) Show FanArt as background in main screen. Option can be enabled Info screen.
2) (Fix) Intermittent crash on iPad during rotation after library access.

Version 1.62 – 30 July 2014

1) Stay awake option added.
2) Movies and TV Shows. Photos of cast members added.
3) Favorites that are obsolete are no longer displayed.
4) Bugfix. Initial connection on some configurations caused a 4 second initial connection delay. Introduced by WOL functionality. This has been resolved.

Version 1.61 – 20 July 2014

– Bugfix. Covert art, thumbnails for TV Shows and Movies does not display correctly when connecting to XBMC version 12/13.  Resolved.

Version 1.60 –  12 July 2014

– Display and selection of Favorites
– Display and selection of Add-ons / Plugins
– Display and selection of Playlists
– Option to swap between Audio and Video Now-playing playlist
– Editing of Now Playling playlist
– Option to queue or play search selection or Album
– Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
– Added XBMC Quit option to shutdown menu
– Automatic detection of XBMC (if configured) on new install

Version 1.50 –  9 May 2014

  1.  iOS 7 only
  2. Super new user interface
  3. Added Context Menu support
  4. Optional rotary time control for iPad
  5. Optional rotary volume control for iPhone
  6. Improved display of TV shows, movies, songs and sources
  7. Added search on media library
  8. Icon indicators for no-wifi, connecting, connected, disconnected states and other host related issues.
  9. Improved display of TV series episodes
  10. Added URL scheme support for launch from another app: sybu-xbmc://remote

Version 1.30 –  22 February 2013

1) Library indicator if item has been played or watched
2) Audio library has option to filter and search by song title
3) Popup floating time marker when sliding or seeking time
4) Username and password added for connection to XBMC host
5) Library and Sources display will return to last selected item
6) Minor bug fixes

Version 1.20 –  29 January 2013

1) Frodo (v12) support added
2) Sources, files explorer added
3) Queue added to Library, Sources – Files
4) Fixed display of empty playlist when XBMC was stopped
5) Minor UI tweaks
6) App name changed from RC Eden to Sybu Remote Control for XBMC

Version 1.10 –  4 December 2012

-Display of Media Library for Movies, TV Shows and Music
-Larger navigation control for iPhone
-Improved layout of the iPhone interface

Version 1 –  13 November 2012

Initial Release