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Which version of VLC are you using?

vlc_icon_64 VLC version 2.1.0 / 2.2.0 vlc_icon_64 VLC version  2.0.0 -> 2.0.8
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Configuration settings on VLC are required for remote control.

Step1: ‘Allow only one instance‘    (ignore this step on Mac OS)

Windows Ubuntu VLC → Tools → Preferences → Allow only one instance → enabled(On)

Step2: Set HTTP

Windows Ubuntu VLC → Tools → Preferences → Show Settings (All) → Interface → Main Interface → Web → enabled(On)
Apple OSX VLC → Preferences → Show All → Interface → Main Interfaces → Web → enabled(On)

Step3: Set Lua Password (do not leave blank)

Windows Ubuntu VLC → Tools → Preferences → Show Settings (All) → Interface → Main Interfaces → Web → Lua → Lua HTTP → Password
Apple OSX VLC → Preferences → Show All → Interface → Main Interfaces → Web → Lua → Lua HTTP → Password

Step4Save Preferences

Step5Restart VLC

Step6: Enable Firewall for VLC when prompted

Instruction videos for VLC v2.1.0 and newer







Sybu VLC Usage


Connection States

hostSelectedAvailable Selected computer
VLC running
hostSelectedNotAvailable Selected computer
VLC not running
hostNotAvailable Computer OFF
hostPreviousConnectedAvailable Previously connected (Saved host)
VLC running
hostAvailableVlcNotRunning Previously connected (Saved host)
VLC not running
hostAvailableVlcRunningNoAccess VLC running.
Remote Access disabled.
For VLC 2.0.0->2.0.8 Install Host Configuration Application
hostNoPreviousConnectionNoVlc Computer on network

To remove a Saved Host from the display Tap-and-Hold the icon. You will be prompted if you want to remove the host.

FAQ and Questions

 FAQ and Questions


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Translations. We are also looking for people to assist in translation this setup and product page into  Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish. If you want to participate please contact me.

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