Worldart by Sybu Data for iPhone and iPad

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Do you really desire a painting but you’re not too sure if it’s going to work in the space that you have in mind? Worldart gives art lovers the chance to see what a painting would look like on their walls – without physically having the painting there.

It is an augmented reality application that overlays a photo of a painting from the Worldart gallery ( on the space where the painting plans to be displayed. The result is a realistic photo of a selected artwork in the chosen environment – and suddenly acquiring a painting is easier and even more thrilling.

Users need to choose the desired painting as well as specify the distance to the display space from where they are standing – the app then overlays the image of the painting (taking real size into account) onto the area. It’s as simple as that!

How to use it? – Quick guide

  • Start the application and allow it to download art definitions.
  • Select a painting from the list of available art.
  • Once the live video is shown, move closer or further away from the wall, and adjust the distance slider accordingly.
  • Drag the dotted frame to adjust the position of the art.
  • When ready touch the art icon.
  • A still image will be captured and the art work will be overlaid.
  • If you are happy, save it to the photo gallery by touching the camera shutter icon.
  • From the iPad’s or iPhone’s photo gallery, it can be viewed, emailed or printed.
  • On the main screen application title bar, the application can be instructed to check for new art by touching the download button.

User Interface

Connect to internet and download new art definitions (if available)
Close the live video feed and return to the art gallery.
Cancels the captured still image and return to the live video.
Save the still image with overlay art to the iPhone’s or iPad’s photo gallery.
Request the gallery to contact you to buy the painting.
Share and email the painting.
Drag frame.  Adjust the position in the picture.
  Distance slider.  Adjust the distance you are away from a wall or surface.



Error:  Image could not be saved.
Description: Privacy settings does not allow photo to be saved to photo album
Resolution:  Change privacy option.  Settings -> Privacy -> Photos  -> Worldart  -> enable
iOS:  iOS6


The App Store™ download:


Management Tool

A online tool is provided for the art gallery to manage the art in the gallery.


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