Sybu Data onPark – Parking Management System


onPark is a locally developed kerbside Parking Management System by Sybu Data comprising of real-time GSM mobile devices and high availability cloud based back office management system for parking service providers and municipalities.

onPark was developed from the ground up to provide real-time results and statistics. Parking marshals can login and download their daily precinct assignments and can quickly record vehicle and parking information and print receipts. Supervisors can inspect a marshal’s parking report and upload parking inspections.  Service providers can perform operation management functions such as precinct and marshal assignment, parking tariff structures, daily cash reports with intuitive web interface.  Role based access allow authorized users such as municipalities view rights to reports.

onPark is designed to function and report parking events in real-time to the back office. In event of network, device, SIM card or communication failure the mobile devices will continue in an off-line mode to record parking events and print parking receipts.

An overview of the solution supporting multiple operators is shown below:

Technical Specifications

Device Specifications

  • Automatic reconnection to server.
  • 7.4V 2150mAh battery provides up to 400 transactions.
  • 128×64 Graphical sunlight-readable LCD display with backlight
  • Color-coded buttons with easy text and digit input.
  • Graphical icons displaying: Battery level, Cellular signal quality, Network activity, Pay-On-Exit reminders.
  • Thermal printer integrated into unit with hard cover securing 58mm paper roll.
  • Marshal and Supervisor login protected by username and password.
  • Realtime GPRS Connection: All events reported to server immediately, or stored until logoff.
  • Device firmware protected by asymmetric keys
  • Automatic restoration of previous state after device reboot, or battery replacement.
  • Intuitive graphical display of parking bays and current parking bay states.
  • Rapid selection of a parking bays with keypad shortcuts.
  • Automatic calculation of amount due for vehicle parked over the originally purchased minutes.
  • Receipt printed on any cash transaction
  • Reprinting of last receipt
  • Display of marshal shift information upon marshal login
  • Optional automatic prefixing of vehicle registration with local registration prefix (e.g. “CEM”)
  • Pay-On-Exit tariff option for vehicles parked before start of collection window
  • Printout of all current parking bay states for supervisor routine inspection.
  • Capture of supervisor routine inspection results are sent to the server  for storage.
  • Over-the-air software updates to device
  • Over-the-air receipt template updates to the device
  • Airtime check with reporting to server for back office management of devices upon marshal logoff.

Back-office and Management

  • Individual views for System Administrators, Service Providers and Municipalities
  • Secure login to back-office by username, password and One-Time-Password sent by SMS.
  • Password Reset and Password Change facility
  • User log-out facility
  • Securely hosted in data center with redundancy backup for both data and application.
  • Capability to dynamically scale solution for increased traffic.
  • Service Provider
    • Overview screen: List of devices with airtime value of less than R10.00
    • Marshals screen: Management of marshals – adding, editing and removing from system. Management includes marshal ID and PIN, Full name and ID Number.
    • Devices screen: Display of all devices used by Service provider, including:
      • Device Unique ID
      • Serial Number
      • Cell Number
      • Service Provider reference number
      • Airtime retrieval command
      • Current airtime value
      • Date/time of last contact with server
    • Tariffs Screen: Management of tariff groups.
      • Each tariff group is comprised of a number of a number of durations specified in minutes and the cost associated to each.
    • Parking Bays screen:
      • Import of Google Earth/KML File containing precincts and parking bays.
      • Assignment of tariff group to precinct.
      • Association of vehicle registration prefix to precinct
      • Overview of Precincts, precinct description and parking bays associated with precinct, including display on map of parking bay location.
    • Assignment screen
      • Assignment of marshals to precincts
      • Display of precinct, number of parking bays in precincts and assigned marshal to precinct.
      • Search bar for precinct.
      • Display of unassigned marshals. Marshal ID, Marshal name, system-assigned score
      • Option to clear marshal assignment to currently selected precinct.
    • Assignment Report
      • Create PDF report displaying marshals assigned to precincts.
      • Option to print in Portrait or Landscape
      • Sorting by Marshal ID, or Precinct ID.
    • Cash-up Report
      • Create PDF report displaying amount collected, amount not collected and ratio for each marshal.
      • Warning displaying number of marshal not logged off yet.
    • Daily Report
      • Create PDF report displaying amount collected amount not collected and ratio for each marshal or precinct.
      • Option to create report sorted by marshal or precinct.
      • Selection for specific date
    • Monthly Report – By Marshal
      • Create PDF report showing Marshal, Total amount collected, total amount not collected and ratio
      • Selection of specific month.
    • Monthly Report – By Precinct
      • Create PDF report showing Precinct, precinct description, number of parking bays, number of vehicles parked, amount collected, amount not collected and ratio
      • Selection of specific month.
    • Monthly Report – By Day
      • Create PDF report showing day of month, number of vehicles parked, total amount collected, total amount not collected, and ratio
      • Selection of specific month.
  • Municipality View
    • Daily Report – See above
    • All monthly reports – See above.

Some of the Operator Management screens are shown below.

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