Sybu Data developed Web based Co-Enrollment Database with fingerprint matching

The Co-Enrolment Database is a web-based system for managing participants in clinical trials.

  • Multiple levels of access rights for users
  • Biometric enrolment and identification of both users of the system and participants in clinical trials and research initiatives.
  • Multiple sites each with its own studies may be created.
  • Visibility of information is restricted to the site the user is associated with.
  • ASP.NET web application.

The solution is comprised of three parts:

Web-based interface

The Co-Enrolment Database web-interface is a ASP.NET custom developed web application. The application features role-based security, thus limiting the capabilities of each particular user based upon their individual role within the organization.

The solution features both conventional username/password authentication and biometric identification for login purposes. All biometric identification is performed server-side.

The solution allows for multiple locations to be created. Each user is associated with a single location and may view only information pertaining to that location. Information owned by a location with which the user is not associated with is replaced with the particular location’s contact information.

A user may create and manage studies within the system. Participants enrolled for a study are first checked to ensure they aren’t currently part of another conflicting study by means of biometric identification. The history of each participant within the system can be tracked.

Active Matcher Service

The Active Matcher is employed to manage biometric matching. The matcher is loaded with the most recently used set of fingerprints. As new participants are enrolled, the matcher is continually kept up to date. Upon a identification request, the matcher searches for a matching record. If no matching record is found, the next set of fingerprints are loaded until either a match is found, or no more record are available for loading. This allows the solution to perform matches on a much larger set of fingerprints than conventionally allowed by the Sagem Active Matcher.

ActiveX Fingerprint Reader Interface Control

Each terminal is fitted with a Sagem fingerprint reader. The solution uses a custom developed ActiveX component by which to interface with the fingerprint reader from within the web browser. The control is embedded within the webpage is controlled by scripts within the webpage. The fingerprint templates obtained from the reader are passed to the server in a hidden form variable for server-side matching.



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