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SuperSign has been purchased in 2017 by Amanzi Asset Management which are the new owners.
Please contact Amanzi directly for any further sales and technical enquiries.


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SuperSign, is a password replacement solution makes passwords a thing of the past.

People cannot share, lose, forget or steal them. They simply sign on with a fingerprint. At the same time, SuperSign prevents and deters fraud by creating Identity Chains that link users to their transactions, compiling an audit trail of who did what, where and when.

Solution Overview


System Architecture

Architecture 3-Tier Client Server architecture,  with presentation tier, logic tier and data tier.
Hardware platform Intel x86 or compatible.  Intel Itanium
Software platform Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard, Enterprise.  Windows 7 32, 64 bit. Windows XP SP2, SP3.

Component Overview

SuperSign Client Client module for password replacement and fingerprint logon to Windows forms, Web logons and logon to mainframe transversal systems.
SuperSign Server Server module. Handles requests from SuperSign Clients, Enrollment, Administration, Management and Reporting and Snap-in modules.   Supported directory services: Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory.
SuperSign GINA Biometric logon for Windows Workstation (PC Logon) for Windows XP
SuperSign Credential Provider Fingerprint logon for Windows Workstation (PC Logon) for Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit)
SuperSign Databases SuperSign user profiles and audit logs are stored in encrypted SQL Server database.Optional databases can be utilized for user identification and enrollment policies and also for storage of sensitive transactional data.
SuperSign NMAS LCM Novell Client Login Method.
SuperSign NMAS LSM Novell Server Extension (Login Method)Support for NovellOES2 on SUSE Linux , Linux64ss_lsm
Form Capture SuperSign form capture allow administrators to declare new application logon forms, that will be replaced by biometrics.
SuperSign Enrollment Enrollment module.Verification of enrollment officer and optional witness.Supports fingerprint identification against central matching services.Enrollment policies configured by administrator with Administration Module.ss_enrollment
SuperSign Administration Administation module to define usage policies, enrollment policies, strong password generation policies, logon form assignment and credential set management.
SuperSign Management Console, Snap-in and Reporting Module Management console uses functional snap-in modules based on rights and role of authenticated user.Various reports and database tamper detection. Support for fingerprint image export in WSQ format.ss_reporting
SuperSign Terminal Client Support for biometric logon to application running in Windows Remote Desktops.
SuperSign API The SuperSign API is exposed as a .NET Class Library which may be referenced by developers of 3rd party applications. The API has support for client integration and management functions.
SuperSign API for 3rd party client applications
SuperSign API for management functionality
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