Packhouse Production System

Software to input all codes, lists, prices, costs, and associations for fruit production and packing for packhouse or farm. Network based. Multiple users.

Product Features:


  • Fruit Types, Variety, Brands, Target Markets, Classes/Grades, Counts and Sizes, Inner Packing, Fruit Definitions, Pallets, Packers, Growers, Bins, Bin Activities, Shift Information.

Costs, Prices and Fees

  • Price and Cost Periods, Salary Groups, Bin Fees, Bin Activity Fees, Re-bin Market Prices, Projected Market Prices, Pallet Costs, Carton Handling Costs (including Cold Chain, Storage, Bagging, PPECB, Marketing, Palletizing, Packhouse Handling), Bin Packing Costs, Bin Handling Costs, Inner Packing Costs, Carton Costs, Carton Packing Costs, Packer Packing Bonus.

Production Run Information

  • The following data can be acquired from manual input or from carton and barcode scanning: Bins Tipped, Re-bin, Cartons Produced. Additional data for UCC traceability standards can be edited and may be printed on produced cartons.

Barcode Scanning

  • Cartons produced from various packlines can be scanned for content and for packer information. This data will then be accumulated for production run reports. Label printers can print carton information in real-time in compliant format for export to EU.


  • The system can generate the following reports: Packer Pay Report, Packer Performance Report, Fruit Specification Report, Batch/Production Run Report, Cumulative Reports, Difference Reports and Repack Reports.
  • An extensive production run report may contain the following information: Analysis of Production, Weight Reconciliation, Summary of Cost and Estimated Income, Variable Labour Costs, Carton Produced Data, Re-bin Information.
  • Cumulative Reports produces a summarized report from several production runs for either the packhouse or a producer.
  • If a fruit or grape sorter system is installed, reports for sorting can be generated.

Carton Pack Programs

  • Different pack programs can be configured for the layout of the packhouse and the pack requirements for a particular day.

Network Environment

  • The system supports multiple users in a network environment.

Multi-user Security

  • User roles and rights can be extensively configures for all aspects of the system. The system also supports fingerprint authentication.

Database Administration

  • Database administration tools allows for automated backup and scheduling policies.



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