Hybrid Sorter

The Hybrid Sorter configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such using a conveyor designed for grape sorting.

Product Features:

  • The Hybrid Sorting System consists of an Automation Server and Client Software.
  • Support of 1 lane, with a maximum of 20 drops
  • Classification and sorting by weight, colour, diameter
  • Support for 4 grades (classes) per run.
  • Highly intuitive user interface to configure and setup new sort programs.
  • Inverter, speed control from the Client User interface.
  • Fast and intuitive colour and diameter calibration.
  • Real-time statistical data.
  • Real-time built-in 1kHz oscilloscope for quick diagnostics.
  • Alarm subsystem for monitoring error conditions
  • Software interfaces to Packhouse Production System to unify production information.
  • Hardware interfaces to Vizier Systems Grape Sorter Hardware
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