Grape Sorter

The Grape Sorter Management System configures, controls and manages the process of sorting (grading and sizing) of grapes into cartons or punnets in a packhouse.

The system groups bunches of grapes together, that meet a specified sort (size, colour and weight) criteria, and will allocate to a carton or punnet to optimal weight within a set tolerance.

System Features are:

  • Grape sorting to target carton weight, including colour and diameter grading.
  • Interfaces with Vizier Systems sizer hardware.
  • Support 4 grades per lane and 20 unique size and colour combinations.-Automatic or manual control on production belt speed for optimal performance
  • Visually intuitive graphical planning interface – fast setup of sort program
  • Real-time statistical data during sort process.
  • Comprehensive reporting and printing.
  • Support for mobile devices (allows for PDA devices to connect wirelessly and receive real-time statistical data)
  • Support for punnets (this includes setting the maximum number pf small pieces, also allows for punnets of mixed colour, each with a set minimum percentage)
  • Support for combined packing of punnets and cartons

The sort modes are:

  • Sort on bunch weight to specified carton target weight.
  • Sort on bunch weight and colour grading to specified carton target weight.
  • Sort on bunch weight and average berry diameter size to specified carton target weight.
  • Combined carton and punnet sorting
  • Punnet sorting with options to pack 2 colours, each with minimum percentage.

More Information:

  • Various statistics available during sorting (Cartons per Drop, Count per Drop, Counts per Kilogram, Counts per Number of Fruit, Cupfill, Carton Rate, Bunch Rate, Cupfull Errors Detected, Cups Missed, Weight Histogram, Carton Statistics)
  • Full configuration of hardware and sort setups
  • All sort data is stored to database, this allows for any production run data to be retrieved.
  • Resumes previous state in case of power-failure.
  • Information from various hardware inputs shown while sorting.
  • Network connections and activity monitor included in server application Automatic sorting mode lets sorted adjust its settings dynamically.
  • Easy calibration of various hardware devices from client.
  • Integration with Packhouse Production System, Barcode Scanning System, Reporting Engine and Cutter Monitoring System
  • Cutter monitoring module allows :
    • detecting number of bunches cut by a specific cutter
    • number of bunches of particular cutter inspected by quality control
    • cutter peformance reporting
    • intake and scrap weight for each cutter
  • Remote monitoring, administration and support via GSM cellular network using GPRS / 3G services.
  • Systems are installed on 3 continents in countries South Africa, Egypt, Chile and Mexico.
Bunches on the conveyor prior to weighing and classification. Grape sorting in progress.Bunches being weighed and classified to colour and size.
Intake being scanned. Intake being processed by cutters.
500g punnets after sorting.This example shows 2 grades per punnet with a minimum percentage required per grade. Cutters processing intake.Rejected berries are cut from bunch.QA personnel adding bunches to sorter after inspection.
Management application – displays real-time statistics and allow for sorer control.

Graoe Sorter Remote Mobile grape sorter client application.

Allows for wireless monitoring and remote control of sorter with an iPhone


grape sorter program

Grape sorter client showing a typical sort program.

Grape sorter stats Statistics provided during sorting.
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