Flight of the storks – StorkSeeker iPad application for TV Series

Sybu Data developed a functional iPad prop application for the use in the TV mini series Flight of the Storks  (Le Vol Des Cigognes) released in 2012/3.

Application specifications

  • Functional User Interface for use in the movie / TV Series
  • Offline map storage for use in remote and indoor environments where GSM or WiFi is not available and standard mapping is not available.
  • Management of migration routes and tracks from Europe to Africa
  • Limited contact card contact information for several cities
  • Geo simulated migration paths for several stork families

Architecture Overview

Development and UX:  Sybu Data, André Roodt
UI graphics:  Vivid Graphic Design
Maps: OpenStreetMap
Map engine: Route-me
Distribution: Ad-hoc. Limited to use for duration of movie shoot


Name: Flight of the Storks
Release date: 2012
Director: Jan Kounen


TV Series Trailers

App appears in the trailer of the TV series.


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