Event Notification System

The Event Notification System (ENS) monitors employees attendance and access and compare it with roster and shift definitions.  When time or grace periods are violated managers will be notified.

Scheduled imports of shift information, employee and manager data is done from external systems. Real-time clock data is received from a time and attendance (T&A) system of employee clock-in and clock-out actions.

  • Definitions of late clock-in and early clock-out grace periods per job grade.
  • Notification to managers by either SMS or e-mail or both through a workflow process.
  • Printing of following shifts for employee upon clock-out.
  • Printing of following shifts for employee upon clock-in if shifts have changed since last print.
  • Notification of employee being late, absent, late to clock-out, failure to clock-out, and clock-in on an off-shift
  • Location-aware clock actions supported.



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