Digital Finger Tapping Test for iPhone and iPad

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The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an analytical tool that can be used in a basic research environment to measure a person’s motor speed.

The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an easy-to-use researching tool to measure motor speed for people with complaints of neurocognitive dysfunction or at risk of such condition.

The Digital Finger Tapping Test is currently being tested by IntegerAfrica ( in Cape Town, South Africa as a possible screening tool for HIV dementia.

How to use:

To perform a test, tap the   button in the upper right-hand corner of the Results screen. Select a mode

  • Testing
    When in testing mode, the results of the test will not be stored. This mode is used for training a patient to use the application.
  • Standard
    Standard mode requires the user to enter the details of the patient. The details along with the test results will be stored and can be exported.

To proceed to the test, click the   button in the upper right-hand corner.

During the test, the palm of the hand must remain flat on the surface of the table (if you are using an iPhone) or flat on the surface of the iPad.

The test will automatically stop counting after 10 seconds (the default) or the specified duration as configured in the “About” screen. For accuracy the test will be repeated 3 times. The mean value is calculated automatically. Repeat the test for the other index finger and record the results in your clinical notes.

To share the recorded results, click the  button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Results screen. The results will be attached to a new e-mail as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.


Note: The Digital Finger Tapping Test has not been approved by the FDA, EMEA or any other medical board and should only be used for neuropsychological evaluation and study purposes within a basic research environment and not in any diagnostic procedure.  It can be used to provide data to support clinical trials or the writing of scientific publications.


What’s new:

V2.0  17 October 2012
  • New interface design for iPhone, iPad and retina displays
  • Test results can be saved.
  • Test Results can be exported and emailed.
  • Standard and test mode
V1.0  May 27, 2011
  • First Release





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