SYBU Smart WiFi Scale Solution

SYBU Smart WiFi Scale Solution is a technology solution for packing punnets, cartons,
containers, tubs and crates to a minimum required weight.

  • Increase productivity by measuring, tracking and incentivising packer performance

Some of the main features are:

  • WiFi scale to pack to a minimum target, with a maximum upper weight
  • One or more packers can work at the same station
  • Packers are tracked with RFID tags and can move between stations during production.
  • Every production unit is recorded
  • Intuitive Touch User Interface
  • Each scale can be individually mamaged or controlled simultaneosly from Sybu CloudMaster
  • Software updates can quickly be deployed via OTA (Over the Air)
  • Scale can function in an offline state without losing production data
  • Leaderboard provides rank information and improves packer performance
  • From the network overview diagram the Scales, Leaderboards and operational control from the ScaleMaster are connecting wireless to a network access point.
  • Multiple such configurations are permitted within the same packhouse or farm to accommodate multiple pack lines.
  • Optionally the SYBU Cloudscale can be utilized to provide production dashboards, reports for executives, which can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

The SYBU ScaleMaster allows for operational control, configuration of all the scales, packer provisioning and specification assignment.

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