SYBU Smart WiFi Scale Solution

SYBU Smart WiFi Scale Solution is a technology solution for packing punnets, cartons,
containers, tubs and crates to a minimum required weight.

  • It increases productivity by measuring, tracking and incentivising packer performance

Some of the main features are:

  • WiFi scale to pack to a minimum target, with a maximum upper weight
  • One or more packers can work at the same station
  • Packers are tracked with RFID tags and can move between stations during production.
  • Every production unit is recorded
  • Intuitive Touch User Interface
  • Each scale can be individually mamaged or controlled simultaneosly from Sybu CloudMaster
  • Software updates can quickly be deployed via OTA (Over the Air)
  • Scale can function in an offline state without losing production data
  • Leaderboard provides rank information and improves packer performance

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