Logical and physical biometric access

Biometric logical access strengthens secure systems at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries.

A recent Ernst & Young report confirmed that the greatest security threat to organisations comes from current or ex employees. With a wave of retrenchments flowing from the economic downturn, over 75% of the companies surveyed in Ernst & Young’s 2009 Global Information Security Study expressed concern that disgruntled employees could sabotage their employers’ systems. Despite this, just a quarter of organisations were taking steps to improve security around their physical and logical assets.

One government organisation ahead of the game is the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, which, earlier this year, became one of the first government departments in the country to implement a converged biometric physical and logical access system. The Budgets and Reporting Directorate at the Department’s Head Office in Pretoria is responsible for managing the organisation’s financial system control functions including the logons to PCs and secure applications used by the finance, HR and supply chain management directorates.

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