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Sybu Data offer bespoke design and development of Apple iOS applications for iPhone and iPad.

Why consider us? We have more than 3 000 000+  downloads from the App Store with excellent user rating and user reviews - this speak for themselves. From very critical end users across nearly all worldwide territories with have received 90+%  star-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-whole reviews.  Read reviews here

Should you be interested in development of an app for iPhone or iPad, please complete the online form if you are really serious and have budget.


Some of our develop iOS App are listed below

1 Million Apple App Store downloads

In August 2015 we reached more than 1 Million downloads from the Apple App Store. Thank you all for downloading and using our favourite and most highly rated App:  Sybu for Kodi    

Sybu Remote Control for Kodi and XBMC

Description Remote control for Kodi (kodi.tv) or XBMC  media player and entertainment hub iPhone, iPad universal app Single screen access. Quickly navigate and control Kodi. Automatic discovery of Kodi hosts with Zeroconf  (Apple’s Bonjour service) Free with no ads Customer Reviews Just some of the many  reviews: It just works – Simple and easy to use. Best […]

Election Map – South African Elections – Voting District Results Map

Please Share [feather_share] Description South Africa Elections Results Data per Voting District 2014 (when results become available), 2009, 2004 APP for iPhone and iPad Interactive Map to select voting district Search function Find a voting station with driving directions Comparative results for previous years Live result data Free with no ads Screenshots – iPad   […]

Sybu PotRemote for PotPlayer (팟플레이어) – (iPhone / iPad Pot Player Remote)

Please Share [feather_share] Sybu PotRemote is an iPhone/iPad App to remote control the Daum PotPlayer ( 다음  팟플레이어 ) on Windows from the comfort of your couch. The design philosophy is a simplistic, yet functional interface. Features Some of the key features are: Works with Daum PotPlayer on Windows Built in discovery of Sybu PotServer Full HD […]

Gust Mobile Payment

Please Share [feather_share] Sybu Data provided the User Experience, User Interface and application flow development of Gust Pay and Gust PayPoint  (www.gustpay.com) Gust Pay is a mobile wallet for iPhone and iPod Touch. Gust PayPoint is an iPad application which lets merchants request and accept payments. It allows for quick and easy geo-fenced mobile payments. You […]

Worldart by Sybu Data for iPhone and iPad

Please Share [feather_share] Overview Do you really desire a painting but you’re not too sure if it’s going to work in the space that you have in mind? Worldart gives art lovers the chance to see what a painting would look like on their walls – without physically having the painting there. It is an […]

Sybu Remote Control for VLC – (iPhone /iPad)

Please Share [feather_share] Sybu Remote Control for VLC is a companion App, that let you remote control VideoLAN VLC Media Player on your Windows PC, Mac or Ubuntu desktop from the comfort of your couch. The design philosophy is a simplistic, yet functional interface. Features Some of the key features are: Works with VLC on […]

Flight of the storks – StorkSeeker iPad application for TV Series

Sybu Data developed a functional iPad prop application for the use in the TV mini series Flight of the Storks  (Le Vol Des Cigognes) released in 2012/3. Application specifications Functional User Interface for use in the movie / TV Series Offline map storage for use in remote and indoor environments where GSM or WiFi is not […]

iPhone, iPad Remote Control for Grape Sorter

Application specifications Allow Stop, Start of conveyor belt. Adjustment of conveyor belt speed. Display of speed Display of cupfill and 5hr cupfill history Information on weight sorted, total punnets and total cartons. Architecture Overview Development:  Sybu Data Hardware device: Vizier Grape Sizer Communication architecture:  2 Tier Client-Server with custom message protocol Communication protocol: TCP sockets Distribution: Ad-hoc This is […]

Digital Finger Tapping Test for iPhone and iPad

Please Share [feather_share]   The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an analytical tool that can be used in a basic research environment to measure a person’s motor speed. The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an easy-to-use researching tool to measure motor speed for people with complaints of neurocognitive dysfunction or at risk of such condition. […]