Windows XP – Manually add cellphone modem for use by dial-up networking

This document is no longer maintained, supported and may not be accurate, but was kept for historical purposes. (created 2006)

This instructions is how to add a modem for cellphone (mobile)
dialup. Typically you will only have to do this if the mobile
phone does not keep the bluetooth connection alive to allow
for automatic serial port detection and setup.

Here’s the scenario …

The mobile phone was added to list of Bluetooth devices on
windows and it installed serial ports for it, BUT when you
look at the list of Bluetooth devices it never shows that
it is connected to the phone.

What todo? Add a modem manually …

But first, ensure that the bluetooth on the phone is switched
on, then…

On XP -> Control panel -> ‘Phone and Modem Options’
-> Modems Tab -> Add …

from the dialog select ‘Don’t detect my modem, I will select it
from a list’

Now select the Manufacturer (Standard Modem Types) and Model :
Standard 56000bps Modem.
The connection speed can be changed later in the options for the modem.

Now select from the dialog the specific Comport. For this example it is 17. At this point the mobile phone may indicate that there is a connection from the laptop or computer that must be accepted.

If you do not know which port to select, then do one of the following before continuing …

– select the port that you made a note of during the installation
of the Bluetooth as the outgoing port.

– OR if you still unsure, then click How to determine which COM port to use ?

If you selected the correct port and all is well, the dialog
that indicates success will be displayed.

Now back in the Control Panel, Phone and Modems you will notice that a standard 56000 bps modem has been
installed and associated with Com 17 (this example). This is now the modem that can be used for the DUN.

On XP -> Control panel -> click the ‘Phone and Modem

That concludes how to manually add a cellphone modem.

Additional info.

When you refer back to previous document and setup of the DUN part

On Xp , in the Control panel -> select ‘Network Connections’,

You will presented by the wizard at some point to select a specific
modem for the dial-up connection, select the modem that you’ve
just installed. In this example it is ‘Modem- Standard 56000bps
Modem#2 (COM17)

Back to DUN setup instructions …


How to determine which COM port to use ?

If you are unsure on which outgoing COM port the bluetooth for
the phone was installed, then goto …

On Control Panel -> Bluetooth Devices- > select your
specific phone -> Properties

In this case the Samsung D500 is the only phone that is switched
on, it’s Bluetooth is on, but it does not show that it is connected. Select the phone and properties.


For this example on the service tab, it indicates that is is linked to serial port 17.


All text by André Roodt – 2006