SYBU Smart WiFi Scale Solution

SYBU Smart WiFi Scale Solution is a technology solution for packing punnets, cartons,
containers, tubs and crates to a minimum required weight.

  • Increase productivity by measuring, tracking and incentivising packer performance

Some of the main features are:

  • WiFi scale to pack to a minimum target, with a maximum upper weight
  • One or more packers can work at the same station
  • Packers are tracked with RFID tags and can move between stations during production.
  • Every production unit is recorded
  • Intuitive Touch User Interface
  • Each scale can be individually mamaged or controlled simultaneosly from Sybu CloudMaster
  • Software updates can quickly be deployed via OTA (Over the Air)
  • Scale can function in an offline state without losing production data
  • Leaderboard provides rank information and improves packer performance
  • From the network overview diagram the Scales, Leaderboards and operational control from the ScaleMaster are connecting wireless to a network access point.
  • Multiple such configurations are permitted within the same packhouse or farm to accommodate multiple pack lines.
  • Optionally the SYBU Cloudscale can be utilized to provide production dashboards, reports for executives, which can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

The SYBU ScaleMaster allows for operational control, configuration of all the scales, packer provisioning and specification assignment.

Sybu JavaScript Blocker – Google Chrome Extension


Sybu JavaScript Blocker is a Google Chrome Extension to quickly block JavaScript (JS) files from being loaded by the browser.

It has been designed to be easy to use.



Install from Google Chrome Web Store


After you have installed the extension.  It will be visible to the right of the Chrome search/address bar.


It is a little blue shield icon. Click the icon.

The Sybu JavaScript Blocker has 3 modes:  OFF | My Rules | Block All


Mode:  Off


The extension is disabled and will not block any JavaScript files

Mode: My Rules


Block 3rd Party scripts
When enabled,  the script will block JavaScript files that are not from the same domain as as the requested page.  This will immediately block a lot of trackers and advertising links, without the need to specify individually.

See example below.

Here the plugin block all JS items not originating from domain  as the requested page was


To define specific/custom Rules click the Rules button

Rules  section > Block List
The extension will then block files containing the specified text.

Rules  section > White List
The extension will then white list (allow) files containing the specified text

Enter your rules in the text areas, this can be a full URL, or any part of it, as shown below. Press ‘Save and Reload’ when done.


Rules can also be added by clicking  on the [+]  [-]  [-WL]  button next to the listed JavaScript file

[+]  Add to Block list
[-]  Add to White list
[-WL]  Remove from White list



In this example in you choose

1: ga – This will block any JavaScript on any page that contains ga as part of the URL

2: ga.js – This will block the JavaScript with filename ga.js on any page

3:    – This will block JavaScript on any page originating as

4:   – This will block any Javascript originating from domain

5: Other.  This will block any JavaScript on any page that contains the specified text as part of the URL

To unblock a file (remove the block rule) click on the [-] button next to the file being blocked.
or simply remove the text from list of items in Block List


This display the rule associated with blocking this file and prompt you if it must be removed.


Mode: Block All

In this mode all JavaScript will be blocked, but you will find that most pages do not render properly.  So options are available to allow some JavaScript to be loaded. Exceptions can be Added in Allow Rules > White List

So for example it may be useful not to block a script like jquery since this is used on many websites to display content dynamically. An example is shown below where jquery is not blocked.




The list of JavaScript files loaded and blocked by the browser is shown at the bottom of the dialog.


sd_jsblock_120_06b JavaScript file was loaded

sd_jsblock_120_06cJavaScript file was blocked

1,2,3.. The numbers next to listed items indicated the loaded sequence

sd_blocker_indicator The total number of files blocked.  Click to sort.


 Click to edit the Block List, White List.   It also indicates the number of rules for block and white list items.

 File is currently allowed. Add block rule.

 File is currently blocked. Remove block rule

 File is currently allowed.  Remove the white list rule



BCEPS upgraded with AFIS


Sybu Data upgraded the Biometric Co-Enrollment Prevention System (BCEPS), developed for the South African Medical Research Council,  to utilize the latest Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) from Innovatrics.

The system provides secure, high performance, low latency, identification and matching of participants from various organizations and research facilities.

The system was successfully rolled-out by the MRC countrywide to  organizations during August 2015.

Read more on the system in the South African Medical Journal.


CloudBroker for Medical Insurance Brokers


  • Cloud management software for South African medical insurance brokers.
  • Management of members and insurance policies
  • Highly intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Storage of all electronic correspondence for member.
  • Easy document attachment with media indexing helper application
  • Dashboard view for quick overview of new members, recently view policies, member birthdays, and logins from members
  • Members can login and view limited profile info and download own schedules.
  • Activity and progress lines per policy.
  • Notification and reminders per policy.


Sybu Remote Control for Kodi and XBMC



  • Remote control for Kodi ( or XBMC  media player and entertainment hub
  • iPhone, iPad universal app
  • Single screen access. Quickly navigate and control Kodi.
  • Automatic discovery of Kodi hosts with Zeroconf  (Apple’s Bonjour service)
  • Free with no ads

Customer Reviews

Just some of the many star-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-whole reviews:

  • It just works – Simple and easy to use. Best Kodi remote on the app store.
  • Works great – This app works perfectly with my kodi box and openelec.
  • Super simple app, love it – the ui is so easy to navigate…it just works
  • Great App – This app found my raspi right away and also has easy navigation.
  • Works perfectly! – The wife understands it and uses it. What more good can be said?
  • Great remote.
  • Awesome remote app – This app is incredibly easy to use and set up. I love it. Plus you can’t beat free. I run Kodi on my Raspberry Pi 3 and this app works like a charm.
  • Simple, clean design. Easy to use.
  • Very nice interface, good job.
  • It simplifies a lot especially when I need to type its quick and easy.
  • Absolutely brilliant. Much quicker and easier than using the Kodi remote. Instructions for set up clear and easy to follow.
  • Makes navigation and searching very convenient. Quick access to favourites as well.
  • Excellent remote control app for Kodi
  • 非常好用
  • Simple à prendre en main et fonctionne contrairement à d’autres app.
  • Raspberry , Kodi and this App. Are just a Dream 🙂
  • Endlich kann mein raspberry pi mit raspbmc auch spulen
  • Also mehrere Apps probiert aber die hier ist mir am liebsten. Funktioniert einwandfrei und die Bedienung ist auch Super!!
  • Genau das, was man braucht – App bietet alle Funktionen, die man braucht, in übersichtlicher Form. Top!

rating_2016-03-02_starsRead more here…  


Setup Instructions

gear2Setup instructions here  (also in Spanish, Russian, German)


FAQ and Questions

bug Support, FAQ, Questions and Bug Report






The App Store™ download:




Version history and releases.






flag_germany German (Deutsch) – Danny Singrin

flag_spain Spanish (Español) – Gordon Hart

flag_catalan Catalan (Català) – bcubic

flag_slovakia Slovak (Slovak) – Pytlíček


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Election Map – South African Elections – Voting District Results Map

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  • South Africa Elections Results Data per Voting District
  • 2014 (when results become available), 2009, 2004
  • APP for iPhone and iPad
  • Interactive Map to select voting district
  • Search function
  • Find a voting station with driving directions
  • Comparative results for previous years
  • Live result data
  • Free with no ads

Screenshots – iPad



Screenshots – iPhone


Distribution of real-time data

The map shows voting districts for which results were requested.  Our cloud servers distributed data to the requesting iPhones and iPads.



The App Store™ download:



iec64 Data provided by the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission)

 XLS parsing by GemBox.Spreadsheet



Version 1 –  30 April 2014

  • Initial Release


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Sybu Data onPark – Parking Management System


onPark is a locally developed kerbside Parking Management System by Sybu Data comprising of real-time GSM mobile devices and high availability cloud based back office management system for parking service providers and municipalities.

onPark was developed from the ground up to provide real-time results and statistics. Parking marshals can login and download their daily precinct assignments and can quickly record vehicle and parking information and print receipts. Supervisors can inspect a marshal’s parking report and upload parking inspections.  Service providers can perform operation management functions such as precinct and marshal assignment, parking tariff structures, daily cash reports with intuitive web interface.  Role based access allow authorized users such as municipalities view rights to reports.

onPark is designed to function and report parking events in real-time to the back office. In event of network, device, SIM card or communication failure the mobile devices will continue in an off-line mode to record parking events and print parking receipts.

An overview of the solution supporting multiple operators is shown below:

Technical Specifications

Device Specifications

  • Automatic reconnection to server.
  • 7.4V 2150mAh battery provides up to 400 transactions.
  • 128×64 Graphical sunlight-readable LCD display with backlight
  • Color-coded buttons with easy text and digit input.
  • Graphical icons displaying: Battery level, Cellular signal quality, Network activity, Pay-On-Exit reminders.
  • Thermal printer integrated into unit with hard cover securing 58mm paper roll.
  • Marshal and Supervisor login protected by username and password.
  • Realtime GPRS Connection: All events reported to server immediately, or stored until logoff.
  • Device firmware protected by asymmetric keys
  • Automatic restoration of previous state after device reboot, or battery replacement.
  • Intuitive graphical display of parking bays and current parking bay states.
  • Rapid selection of a parking bays with keypad shortcuts.
  • Automatic calculation of amount due for vehicle parked over the originally purchased minutes.
  • Receipt printed on any cash transaction
  • Reprinting of last receipt
  • Display of marshal shift information upon marshal login
  • Optional automatic prefixing of vehicle registration with local registration prefix (e.g. “CEM”)
  • Pay-On-Exit tariff option for vehicles parked before start of collection window
  • Printout of all current parking bay states for supervisor routine inspection.
  • Capture of supervisor routine inspection results are sent to the server  for storage.
  • Over-the-air software updates to device
  • Over-the-air receipt template updates to the device
  • Airtime check with reporting to server for back office management of devices upon marshal logoff.

Back-office and Management

  • Individual views for System Administrators, Service Providers and Municipalities
  • Secure login to back-office by username, password and One-Time-Password sent by SMS.
  • Password Reset and Password Change facility
  • User log-out facility
  • Securely hosted in data center with redundancy backup for both data and application.
  • Capability to dynamically scale solution for increased traffic.
  • Service Provider
    • Overview screen: List of devices with airtime value of less than R10.00
    • Marshals screen: Management of marshals – adding, editing and removing from system. Management includes marshal ID and PIN, Full name and ID Number.
    • Devices screen: Display of all devices used by Service provider, including:
      • Device Unique ID
      • Serial Number
      • Cell Number
      • Service Provider reference number
      • Airtime retrieval command
      • Current airtime value
      • Date/time of last contact with server
    • Tariffs Screen: Management of tariff groups.
      • Each tariff group is comprised of a number of a number of durations specified in minutes and the cost associated to each.
    • Parking Bays screen:
      • Import of Google Earth/KML File containing precincts and parking bays.
      • Assignment of tariff group to precinct.
      • Association of vehicle registration prefix to precinct
      • Overview of Precincts, precinct description and parking bays associated with precinct, including display on map of parking bay location.
    • Assignment screen
      • Assignment of marshals to precincts
      • Display of precinct, number of parking bays in precincts and assigned marshal to precinct.
      • Search bar for precinct.
      • Display of unassigned marshals. Marshal ID, Marshal name, system-assigned score
      • Option to clear marshal assignment to currently selected precinct.
    • Assignment Report
      • Create PDF report displaying marshals assigned to precincts.
      • Option to print in Portrait or Landscape
      • Sorting by Marshal ID, or Precinct ID.
    • Cash-up Report
      • Create PDF report displaying amount collected, amount not collected and ratio for each marshal.
      • Warning displaying number of marshal not logged off yet.
    • Daily Report
      • Create PDF report displaying amount collected amount not collected and ratio for each marshal or precinct.
      • Option to create report sorted by marshal or precinct.
      • Selection for specific date
    • Monthly Report – By Marshal
      • Create PDF report showing Marshal, Total amount collected, total amount not collected and ratio
      • Selection of specific month.
    • Monthly Report – By Precinct
      • Create PDF report showing Precinct, precinct description, number of parking bays, number of vehicles parked, amount collected, amount not collected and ratio
      • Selection of specific month.
    • Monthly Report – By Day
      • Create PDF report showing day of month, number of vehicles parked, total amount collected, total amount not collected, and ratio
      • Selection of specific month.
  • Municipality View
    • Daily Report – See above
    • All monthly reports – See above.

Some of the Operator Management screens are shown below.

SuperSign – Biometric Security Application



SuperSign has been purchased in 2017 by Amanzi Asset Management which are the new owners.
Please contact Amanzi directly for any further sales and technical enquiries.


The information below is for historic purposes only.


SuperSign, is a password replacement solution makes passwords a thing of the past.

People cannot share, lose, forget or steal them. They simply sign on with a fingerprint. At the same time, SuperSign prevents and deters fraud by creating Identity Chains that link users to their transactions, compiling an audit trail of who did what, where and when.

Solution Overview


System Architecture

Architecture 3-Tier Client Server architecture,  with presentation tier, logic tier and data tier.
Hardware platform Intel x86 or compatible.  Intel Itanium
Software platform Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard, Enterprise.  Windows 7 32, 64 bit. Windows XP SP2, SP3.

Component Overview

SuperSign Client Client module for password replacement and fingerprint logon to Windows forms, Web logons and logon to mainframe transversal systems.
SuperSign Server Server module. Handles requests from SuperSign Clients, Enrollment, Administration, Management and Reporting and Snap-in modules.   Supported directory services: Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory.
SuperSign GINA Biometric logon for Windows Workstation (PC Logon) for Windows XP
SuperSign Credential Provider Fingerprint logon for Windows Workstation (PC Logon) for Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit)
SuperSign Databases SuperSign user profiles and audit logs are stored in encrypted SQL Server database.Optional databases can be utilized for user identification and enrollment policies and also for storage of sensitive transactional data.
SuperSign NMAS LCM Novell Client Login Method.
SuperSign NMAS LSM Novell Server Extension (Login Method)Support for NovellOES2 on SUSE Linux , Linux64ss_lsm
Form Capture SuperSign form capture allow administrators to declare new application logon forms, that will be replaced by biometrics.
SuperSign Enrollment Enrollment module.Verification of enrollment officer and optional witness.Supports fingerprint identification against central matching services.Enrollment policies configured by administrator with Administration Module.ss_enrollment
SuperSign Administration Administation module to define usage policies, enrollment policies, strong password generation policies, logon form assignment and credential set management.
SuperSign Management Console, Snap-in and Reporting Module Management console uses functional snap-in modules based on rights and role of authenticated user.Various reports and database tamper detection. Support for fingerprint image export in WSQ format.ss_reporting
SuperSign Terminal Client Support for biometric logon to application running in Windows Remote Desktops.
SuperSign API The SuperSign API is exposed as a .NET Class Library which may be referenced by developers of 3rd party applications. The API has support for client integration and management functions.
SuperSign API for 3rd party client applications
SuperSign API for management functionality

Sybu Remote Control for VLC – (iPhone /iPad)

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Sybu Remote for VLCSybu Remote Control for VLC is a companion App, that let you remote control VideoLAN VLC Media Player on your Windows PC, Mac or Ubuntu desktop from the comfort of your couch. The design philosophy is a simplistic, yet functional interface.


Some of the key features are:

  • Works with VLC on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu
  • Fast and response User Interface
  • Fast networking
  • Built in VLC host discovery
  • Super cool skins available to purchase
  • Full HD support for iPad retina and iPhone5 displays.
  • Portrait and landscape orientation support on iPad
  • Free
  • No annoying advertisements
  • Volume control, seek controls, play, pause, next and previous track
  • Play, queue and delete tracks from the playlist
  • Browse, play and queue from the media library
  • Browse, play and queue media files from the file system
  • Free helper app to quickly setup VLC for remote access.

Some of the many 5* reviews :

  • Excellent, Works great, no ads.
  • Great app, very quick to load and feature-rich. Fast and intuitive
  • Well done, As of May ’13, definitely the best remote for VLC.
  • An excellent, no fuss app. 10/10.
  • Awesome!





Sybu VLC Usage


1. Install Sybu Remote Control for VLC from the Apple App store.

2. Configure VLC for Remote Control

Instructions for Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu.

Apple OSX  Windows  Ubuntu



flag_germany German – Wolgang Mantel

flag_france French – Colas Joannin

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Gust Mobile Payment

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Sybu Data provided the User Experience, User Interface and application flow development of Gust Pay and Gust PayPoint  (

Gust Pay is a mobile wallet for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Gust PayPoint is an iPad application which lets merchants request and accept payments.

It allows for quick and easy geo-fenced mobile payments.

You pay with your name, tap and swipe.



Worldart by Sybu Data for iPhone and iPad

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Do you really desire a painting but you’re not too sure if it’s going to work in the space that you have in mind? Worldart gives art lovers the chance to see what a painting would look like on their walls – without physically having the painting there.

It is an augmented reality application that overlays a photo of a painting from the Worldart gallery ( on the space where the painting plans to be displayed. The result is a realistic photo of a selected artwork in the chosen environment – and suddenly acquiring a painting is easier and even more thrilling.

Users need to choose the desired painting as well as specify the distance to the display space from where they are standing – the app then overlays the image of the painting (taking real size into account) onto the area. It’s as simple as that!

How to use it? – Quick guide

  • Start the application and allow it to download art definitions.
  • Select a painting from the list of available art.
  • Once the live video is shown, move closer or further away from the wall, and adjust the distance slider accordingly.
  • Drag the dotted frame to adjust the position of the art.
  • When ready touch the art icon.
  • A still image will be captured and the art work will be overlaid.
  • If you are happy, save it to the photo gallery by touching the camera shutter icon.
  • From the iPad’s or iPhone’s photo gallery, it can be viewed, emailed or printed.
  • On the main screen application title bar, the application can be instructed to check for new art by touching the download button.

User Interface

Connect to internet and download new art definitions (if available)
Close the live video feed and return to the art gallery.
Cancels the captured still image and return to the live video.
Save the still image with overlay art to the iPhone’s or iPad’s photo gallery.
Request the gallery to contact you to buy the painting.
Share and email the painting.
Drag frame.  Adjust the position in the picture.
  Distance slider.  Adjust the distance you are away from a wall or surface.



Error:  Image could not be saved.
Description: Privacy settings does not allow photo to be saved to photo album
Resolution:  Change privacy option.  Settings -> Privacy -> Photos  -> Worldart  -> enable
iOS:  iOS6


The App Store™ download:


Management Tool

A online tool is provided for the art gallery to manage the art in the gallery.


Sybu MobileAuth – Biometric fingerprint authentication for iPad

Cloud based solution for biometric fingerprint authentication from an iPad. Allows an enterprise to enroll and identify users or customers via WiFi or 3G.



Enroll a user on an iPad.  User and biometric data is securely uploaded to a server and encrypted for storage.


Perform identification of a user.  Acquired fingerprint is securely submitted to authentication server for server side matching. App presents detail of enrolled user on successful match.

The system can adapted for verification.


Azure, EC2 hosted service/server or for server side authentication.


Enterprise clients can contact us for bespoke development/integration

Sybu PotRemote for PotPlayer (팟플레이어) – (iPhone / iPad Pot Player Remote)

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Sybu PotRemote is an iPhone/iPad App to remote control the Daum PotPlayer ( 다음  팟플레이어 ) on Windows from the comfort of your couch.

The design philosophy is a simplistic, yet functional interface.


Some of the key features are:

  • Works with Daum PotPlayer on Windows
  • Built in discovery of Sybu PotServer
  • Full HD support for iPad retina and iPhone5 displays.
  • Portrait and landscape orientation support on iPad
  • Control the volume control, seek position, next and previous track
  • Toggle subtitles on/off, and cycle through various fullscreen modes
  • Free
  • No annoying advertisements






1. Install Sybu PotRemote for PotPlayer from the Apple App Store.


2. Download Sybu PotServer

The Daum PotPlayer does not have built-in remote control support. We have developed the Sybu PotServer which send remote control commands from the Remote to the Daum PotPlayer.

appicon57a  Download Sybu PotServer for Microsoft Windows 



Video demonstrates the Sybu PotRemote controlling the PotPlayer

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”Vd70ez5hOGo”  width=”640″ height=”360″ auto_thumb=”1″]

FAQ and Questions

 FAQ and Questions


flag_germany German – Orfeo Pomp


  • Version History / Changelog

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Sybu Data Booking System

The Sybu Data Booking System was developed to be a complete cloud based booking solution.


  • Cloud based service hosted on Google Servers
  • Using Google Appengine and GWT technology
  • Clients can create own bookings and select appropriate tempory staff based on skill
  • Booking event workflow
  • Custom calendar with visual coloring for quick assesment of bookings
  • Booking filtering and display
  • Multiple users roles, agency administrator, client and temporary staff
  • Backoffice and administration functionality for setup, and reporting
  • Login security using federated identity and openid providers
  • Integrated Google maps with place markers of all clients and addresses
  • Real-time email notification on booking state changes to client, tempory staff
  • Booking item optionally can include timesheet hours completed by tempry staff
  • Booking item optionally can include signoff by the client
  • Monthly reports for backoffice


It was originally implemented as a online booking system for an employment and recruitment agency to manage daily schedules and assignment of temporary staff to clients.

Flight of the storks – StorkSeeker iPad application for TV Series

Sybu Data developed a functional iPad prop application for the use in the TV mini series Flight of the Storks  (Le Vol Des Cigognes) released in 2012/3.

Application specifications

  • Functional User Interface for use in the movie / TV Series
  • Offline map storage for use in remote and indoor environments where GSM or WiFi is not available and standard mapping is not available.
  • Management of migration routes and tracks from Europe to Africa
  • Limited contact card contact information for several cities
  • Geo simulated migration paths for several stork families

Architecture Overview

Development and UX:  Sybu Data, André Roodt
UI graphics:  Vivid Graphic Design
Maps: OpenStreetMap
Map engine: Route-me
Distribution: Ad-hoc. Limited to use for duration of movie shoot


Name: Flight of the Storks
Release date: 2012
Director: Jan Kounen


TV Series Trailers

App appears in the trailer of the TV series.


3G Mobile Call Divert Class library

Project : 3G Mobile Call Divert Class library

Description: The mobile call divert interface, allows for the divert of a mobile number to any other number and can report back on divert success.  The Class library interfaces to a 3G cellular modem.

The Class library will attempt the divert and will also request the diverted state back from the network.  The success of the divert will reported back to the hosted system.  The hosted system can then notify the user by SMS. The Class library will also provide status/error information for events such as no network connectivity.

Technology: C# class library

Solution Features:

  • C# class library to perform line divert and check line divert status
  • Compatible with 3G USB devices

Grape Sorter receives SABS Design Excellence Award 2010

The Vizier Grape Sizer system received a South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Design Excellence award 2010.

Sybu Data provided the design, engineering and development of the software systems for the sorting and automation control system, and Human Machine Interface.

André Roodt representing Sybu Data is listed as a contributor for this award.

Energy Management Solution

The Energy Management Solution controls Electrical devices such as lighting and appliances by preconfigured schedule or by local or remote web-based control. The current status of each controllable device at each store can also be viewed remotely. The solution is targeted at chain stores. Energy management profiles can be published to each store where an intelligent controller interfaces to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to switch air-conditioning units, refrigerators, and lighting dim levels. The profiles are generally configured to coincide with the operating hours of each store. Certain inputs may also be used for logging and control purposes.

  • Switching profile can be created an published centrally to remote stores
  • Individual status of each output can be monitored remotely
  • Switching can be overridden to allow local manual operation
  • Reporting and logging to central location from each store based upon scheduled switching and local override events.
  • Demand selection input can selectively switch outputs if electrical consumption exceeds threshold.
  • Security alarm can be linked to system to log arming, disarming, and trigger events centrally.


Solution Overview

Store Components

The store-side components feature a web server, custom developed website and Modbus controller. The application is run on the Mono Framework on a Ubuntu Linux installation.

1.      Web pages

As an easily accessible interface for each store, custom web pages were developed for the solution to include:

  • System Status: indicates uptime, local IP Address, software version and PLC status
  • Operational Mode: Displays and allows setting of the current operation mode (Disabled, Manual, Auto, Test)
  • Remote Control: View and control all inputs and outputs
  • Configuration: View and set all parameters pertaining to application configuration
  • PLC Configuration: Configure PLC and label inputs and outputs
  • Switching Schedule: Display the current switching schedule for the store for each output.

Pages use AJAX/XmlHttpRequest for live status feedback. All responses are generated by the custom developed web server.

2.      Custom Web Server

The Sybu Data .NET Web Server component was adapted for this solution. The web server server the set of web pages, selectively replacing placeholder tags within the pages with the appropriate data from the system. All AJAX requests are handled by a POST-Method event handler. The web server is also capable of receiving updates for the software.

3.      Scheduler

The scheduler checks the energy profile and switches the outputs accordingly. Any manually switched output will not be overridden by the scheduler.

4.      Event Reporting

Inputs are monitored for state changes. These inputs can range from operational override, alarm state to enclosure tampering switches. These events are then sent to the server component where they are logged.

5.      Remoting

.NET Remoting is utilized for communications between the server and store components.


Server Components

1.      Remoting

.NET Remoting is utilized for communications between the server and store components.

2.      Database

A Firebird database is used to store information such as store switching schedules, log information etc.


Screenshots of controller

Status display and PLC connection information

System Operational Mod

PLC Input / Output configuration

Remote Control Status

Grape Sorter

The Grape Sorter Management System configures, controls and manages the process of sorting (grading and sizing) of grapes into cartons or punnets in a packhouse.

The system groups bunches of grapes together, that meet a specified sort (size, colour and weight) criteria, and will allocate to a carton or punnet to optimal weight within a set tolerance.

System Features are:

  • Grape sorting to target carton weight, including colour and diameter grading.
  • Interfaces with Vizier Systems sizer hardware.
  • Support 4 grades per lane and 20 unique size and colour combinations.-Automatic or manual control on production belt speed for optimal performance
  • Visually intuitive graphical planning interface – fast setup of sort program
  • Real-time statistical data during sort process.
  • Comprehensive reporting and printing.
  • Support for mobile devices (allows for PDA devices to connect wirelessly and receive real-time statistical data)
  • Support for punnets (this includes setting the maximum number pf small pieces, also allows for punnets of mixed colour, each with a set minimum percentage)
  • Support for combined packing of punnets and cartons

The sort modes are:

  • Sort on bunch weight to specified carton target weight.
  • Sort on bunch weight and colour grading to specified carton target weight.
  • Sort on bunch weight and average berry diameter size to specified carton target weight.
  • Combined carton and punnet sorting
  • Punnet sorting with options to pack 2 colours, each with minimum percentage.

More Information:

  • Various statistics available during sorting (Cartons per Drop, Count per Drop, Counts per Kilogram, Counts per Number of Fruit, Cupfill, Carton Rate, Bunch Rate, Cupfull Errors Detected, Cups Missed, Weight Histogram, Carton Statistics)
  • Full configuration of hardware and sort setups
  • All sort data is stored to database, this allows for any production run data to be retrieved.
  • Resumes previous state in case of power-failure.
  • Information from various hardware inputs shown while sorting.
  • Network connections and activity monitor included in server application Automatic sorting mode lets sorted adjust its settings dynamically.
  • Easy calibration of various hardware devices from client.
  • Integration with Packhouse Production System, Barcode Scanning System, Reporting Engine and Cutter Monitoring System
  • Cutter monitoring module allows :
    • detecting number of bunches cut by a specific cutter
    • number of bunches of particular cutter inspected by quality control
    • cutter peformance reporting
    • intake and scrap weight for each cutter
  • Remote monitoring, administration and support via GSM cellular network using GPRS / 3G services.
  • Systems are installed on 3 continents in countries South Africa, Egypt, Chile and Mexico.
Bunches on the conveyor prior to weighing and classification. Grape sorting in progress.Bunches being weighed and classified to colour and size.
Intake being scanned. Intake being processed by cutters.
500g punnets after sorting.This example shows 2 grades per punnet with a minimum percentage required per grade. Cutters processing intake.Rejected berries are cut from bunch.QA personnel adding bunches to sorter after inspection.
Management application – displays real-time statistics and allow for sorer control.

Graoe Sorter Remote Mobile grape sorter client application.

Allows for wireless monitoring and remote control of sorter with an iPhone


grape sorter program

Grape sorter client showing a typical sort program.

Grape sorter stats Statistics provided during sorting.

Fruit Sorter

The Fruit Sorter Management System configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such as apples, pears, plums, citrus, etc in packhouses and farms.

Fruit Sorter main screen

Product Features:

The system features are:

  • The Fruit Sorting System consists of an Fruit Automation Server and a Fruit Sorting Client Software.
  • Support up to 8 lanes, each with 64 drops and demand feed product belt
  • Classification and sorting by weight, colour, diameter, ratio and their various combinations
  • Support for 4 grades (classes) per run.
  • Support of a cuprate of 10+ cups/sec
  • Highly intuitive user interface to configure and setup new sort programs.
  • Fast and intuitive colour and diameter calibration.
  • Real-time statistical data.
  • Real-time built-in 1kHz oscilloscope for quick diagnostics.
  • Alarm subsystem for monitoring error conditions
  • Comprehensive reporting and printing
  • Software interfaces to Packhouse Production System to unify production information.
  • Hardware interfaces to Vizier Systems Cup and Roller sizers
  • The automation server of v4 and newer has been completely re-developed using Windows Embedded OS
  • The client software of v4 and newer has been completely re-developed for the Windows .NET framework and supports Windows Vista and Windows 7

Total number of fruit sorter installations nationally and internationally: 70+

Pears on conveyor Pears being washed. Pears on conveyor Pears on conveyor
Damaged pears removed Quality control at intake Classified pears at packing point Classified pears at packpoint
Final product Final packed product

On Microsoft Solution Finder

Event Notification System

The Event Notification System (ENS) monitors employees attendance and access and compare it with roster and shift definitions.  When time or grace periods are violated managers will be notified.

Scheduled imports of shift information, employee and manager data is done from external systems. Real-time clock data is received from a time and attendance (T&A) system of employee clock-in and clock-out actions.

  • Definitions of late clock-in and early clock-out grace periods per job grade.
  • Notification to managers by either SMS or e-mail or both through a workflow process.
  • Printing of following shifts for employee upon clock-out.
  • Printing of following shifts for employee upon clock-in if shifts have changed since last print.
  • Notification of employee being late, absent, late to clock-out, failure to clock-out, and clock-in on an off-shift
  • Location-aware clock actions supported.



Hybrid Sorter

The Hybrid Sorter configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such using a conveyor designed for grape sorting.

Product Features:

  • The Hybrid Sorting System consists of an Automation Server and Client Software.
  • Support of 1 lane, with a maximum of 20 drops
  • Classification and sorting by weight, colour, diameter
  • Support for 4 grades (classes) per run.
  • Highly intuitive user interface to configure and setup new sort programs.
  • Inverter, speed control from the Client User interface.
  • Fast and intuitive colour and diameter calibration.
  • Real-time statistical data.
  • Real-time built-in 1kHz oscilloscope for quick diagnostics.
  • Alarm subsystem for monitoring error conditions
  • Software interfaces to Packhouse Production System to unify production information.
  • Hardware interfaces to Vizier Systems Grape Sorter Hardware

Digital Finger Tapping Test for iPhone and iPad

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The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an analytical tool that can be used in a basic research environment to measure a person’s motor speed.

The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an easy-to-use researching tool to measure motor speed for people with complaints of neurocognitive dysfunction or at risk of such condition.

The Digital Finger Tapping Test is currently being tested by IntegerAfrica ( in Cape Town, South Africa as a possible screening tool for HIV dementia.

How to use:

To perform a test, tap the   button in the upper right-hand corner of the Results screen. Select a mode

  • Testing
    When in testing mode, the results of the test will not be stored. This mode is used for training a patient to use the application.
  • Standard
    Standard mode requires the user to enter the details of the patient. The details along with the test results will be stored and can be exported.

To proceed to the test, click the   button in the upper right-hand corner.

During the test, the palm of the hand must remain flat on the surface of the table (if you are using an iPhone) or flat on the surface of the iPad.

The test will automatically stop counting after 10 seconds (the default) or the specified duration as configured in the “About” screen. For accuracy the test will be repeated 3 times. The mean value is calculated automatically. Repeat the test for the other index finger and record the results in your clinical notes.

To share the recorded results, click the  button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Results screen. The results will be attached to a new e-mail as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.


Note: The Digital Finger Tapping Test has not been approved by the FDA, EMEA or any other medical board and should only be used for neuropsychological evaluation and study purposes within a basic research environment and not in any diagnostic procedure.  It can be used to provide data to support clinical trials or the writing of scientific publications.


What’s new:

V2.0  17 October 2012
  • New interface design for iPhone, iPad and retina displays
  • Test results can be saved.
  • Test Results can be exported and emailed.
  • Standard and test mode
V1.0  May 27, 2011
  • First Release





The App Store™ download:


iPhone, iPad Remote Control for Grape Sorter

Application specifications

  • Allow Stop, Start of conveyor belt.
  • Adjustment of conveyor belt speed.
  • Display of speed
  • Display of cupfill and 5hr cupfill history
  • Information on weight sorted, total punnets and total cartons.

Architecture Overview

Development:  Sybu Data
Hardware device: Vizier Grape Sizer
Communication architecture:  2 Tier Client-Server with custom message protocol
Communication protocol: TCP sockets
Distribution: Ad-hoc

This is only available for specific purposes to selective users of the Grape Sorter. An ad-hoc iPhone, iPad  installation will be made available on request.


Sybu Data talks at the Vizier Annual Grape Sorter Workshop

The annual Grape Sorter Workshop is held at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West on Friday 6th August 2010.

André Roodt will be presenting some of the new functionality and features that will be released for the next season.

The presentation topics are:

  1. The release of the Hybrid sorter.  This allow for Fruit sorting cabability using the existing Grape Sorter
  2. Informational Panel Display.  These are display screens that can be mounted in the packhouse that provides real-time sort data.
  3. Remote Control of the Sorter by means of iPhone or iPod touch.

We will have live interactive demos configured.

Please contact us should you wish to attend.

Sybu Data developed Web based Co-Enrollment Database with fingerprint matching

The Co-Enrolment Database is a web-based system for managing participants in clinical trials.

  • Multiple levels of access rights for users
  • Biometric enrolment and identification of both users of the system and participants in clinical trials and research initiatives.
  • Multiple sites each with its own studies may be created.
  • Visibility of information is restricted to the site the user is associated with.
  • ASP.NET web application.

The solution is comprised of three parts:

Web-based interface

The Co-Enrolment Database web-interface is a ASP.NET custom developed web application. The application features role-based security, thus limiting the capabilities of each particular user based upon their individual role within the organization.

The solution features both conventional username/password authentication and biometric identification for login purposes. All biometric identification is performed server-side.

The solution allows for multiple locations to be created. Each user is associated with a single location and may view only information pertaining to that location. Information owned by a location with which the user is not associated with is replaced with the particular location’s contact information.

A user may create and manage studies within the system. Participants enrolled for a study are first checked to ensure they aren’t currently part of another conflicting study by means of biometric identification. The history of each participant within the system can be tracked.

Active Matcher Service

The Active Matcher is employed to manage biometric matching. The matcher is loaded with the most recently used set of fingerprints. As new participants are enrolled, the matcher is continually kept up to date. Upon a identification request, the matcher searches for a matching record. If no matching record is found, the next set of fingerprints are loaded until either a match is found, or no more record are available for loading. This allows the solution to perform matches on a much larger set of fingerprints than conventionally allowed by the Sagem Active Matcher.

ActiveX Fingerprint Reader Interface Control

Each terminal is fitted with a Sagem fingerprint reader. The solution uses a custom developed ActiveX component by which to interface with the fingerprint reader from within the web browser. The control is embedded within the webpage is controlled by scripts within the webpage. The fingerprint templates obtained from the reader are passed to the server in a hidden form variable for server-side matching.



Logical and physical biometric access

Biometric logical access strengthens secure systems at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries.

A recent Ernst & Young report confirmed that the greatest security threat to organisations comes from current or ex employees. With a wave of retrenchments flowing from the economic downturn, over 75% of the companies surveyed in Ernst & Young’s 2009 Global Information Security Study expressed concern that disgruntled employees could sabotage their employers’ systems. Despite this, just a quarter of organisations were taking steps to improve security around their physical and logical assets.

One government organisation ahead of the game is the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, which, earlier this year, became one of the first government departments in the country to implement a converged biometric physical and logical access system. The Budgets and Reporting Directorate at the Department’s Head Office in Pretoria is responsible for managing the organisation’s financial system control functions including the logons to PCs and secure applications used by the finance, HR and supply chain management directorates.

[button link=”″ text=”Read more at Security SA” title=”Read more at Security SA” color=”yellow” size=”medium”]

Packhouse Production System

Software to input all codes, lists, prices, costs, and associations for fruit production and packing for packhouse or farm. Network based. Multiple users.

Product Features:


  • Fruit Types, Variety, Brands, Target Markets, Classes/Grades, Counts and Sizes, Inner Packing, Fruit Definitions, Pallets, Packers, Growers, Bins, Bin Activities, Shift Information.

Costs, Prices and Fees

  • Price and Cost Periods, Salary Groups, Bin Fees, Bin Activity Fees, Re-bin Market Prices, Projected Market Prices, Pallet Costs, Carton Handling Costs (including Cold Chain, Storage, Bagging, PPECB, Marketing, Palletizing, Packhouse Handling), Bin Packing Costs, Bin Handling Costs, Inner Packing Costs, Carton Costs, Carton Packing Costs, Packer Packing Bonus.

Production Run Information

  • The following data can be acquired from manual input or from carton and barcode scanning: Bins Tipped, Re-bin, Cartons Produced. Additional data for UCC traceability standards can be edited and may be printed on produced cartons.

Barcode Scanning

  • Cartons produced from various packlines can be scanned for content and for packer information. This data will then be accumulated for production run reports. Label printers can print carton information in real-time in compliant format for export to EU.


  • The system can generate the following reports: Packer Pay Report, Packer Performance Report, Fruit Specification Report, Batch/Production Run Report, Cumulative Reports, Difference Reports and Repack Reports.
  • An extensive production run report may contain the following information: Analysis of Production, Weight Reconciliation, Summary of Cost and Estimated Income, Variable Labour Costs, Carton Produced Data, Re-bin Information.
  • Cumulative Reports produces a summarized report from several production runs for either the packhouse or a producer.
  • If a fruit or grape sorter system is installed, reports for sorting can be generated.

Carton Pack Programs

  • Different pack programs can be configured for the layout of the packhouse and the pack requirements for a particular day.

Network Environment

  • The system supports multiple users in a network environment.

Multi-user Security

  • User roles and rights can be extensively configures for all aspects of the system. The system also supports fingerprint authentication.

Database Administration

  • Database administration tools allows for automated backup and scheduling policies.



Department of Agriculture tills local technology

The Department of Agriculture has implemented a converged biometric physical and logical access system.

The Budgets and Reporting Directorate at The Department of Agriculture’s Head Office in Pretoria is responsible for managing the organisation’s financial system control functions, including the logging onto PCs and secure applications used by the finance, HR and supply chain management directorates.

In order to ensure that its applications are secure, the Department – as in the case of all government organisations – applies a strict password management policy for all staff who log onto its computer systems.

Secure Sign On installed at Gauteng Provincial Government

Sybu Data and technology partner SuperVision awarded contract to supply SSO Enterprise to Gauteng Provincial Government. The workstations in a the computer classroom of the schools will be supplied with SSO. Each pupil will be enrolled on the system and will be able to access the workstation and specific applications via fingerprint identification.

Sybu Data at Microsoft Tech-ed 2008 in Durban

Secure Sign-on Secure Logon

The converge secure sign on and physical access control will be exhibited by our technology partners Praxis and Supervision.

Venue : Durban South Africa

Dates : 3-6 August 2008

Stall : Praxis

Andre Roodt can be contacted at the venue during the event for demonstrations and general enquiries.

Read more at Microsoft tech-ed

IT Web Security Summit 2008

Convergence of logical access and physical access.The convergence of Supervision’s Time and Attendance / physical access control and Sybu Data’s logical access will be exhibit at Secure Data’s stall at the IT Web Security Summit.

Venue : Vodaworld Midrand South Africa

Dates : 6-8 May 2008

Stall : Secure Data


Andre Roodt can be contacted at the venue during the event for demonstrations and general enquiries.

Read more at ITWeb

Sybu Data Phone Line Divert software


  • Automated system to perform scheduled divert of phone line to specified employee.
  • Typically used by specialized services such as a medical practise to redirect after hours calls to a specific on-call person.
  • Schedules can be set and changed via
    • Admin module
    • IVR (interactive voice response ) by dialing in on admin telephone line
    • Online web interface
  • Modules: Divert Service. Admin module. IVR. Logging and reporting via SQLServer. Web interface
  • Interfaces: Modem1 for divert/undivert setup.  Modem2 for IVR and admin management


How to find the UUID / UDID (unique identifier) for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

Some of our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad applications are distributed on an Ad-hoc basis.  This means that you will receive it by email or can download from our website, but you cannot purchase it via the App Store.

We require the UUID or UDID (unique identifier) for the device it will be installed on.  This allows the application to run on your device, and prevents copying to other devices (this process automatically happens when you purchase an appplication via the App Store), but for an Ad-Hoc distributed application you need to send us the device UDID.

How to find the UDID?

Step 1:  Start iTunes

Step 2: Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and wait until iTunes list it under “Devices”.

Step 3: Select the device

iPhone UDID step1

Step 4: Click on the ‘Serial Number’ on the Summary tab.  The ‘Serial Number’ display will change to Identifier (UDID)

iPhone UDID step2

Step 5: Copy and paste it into an email.  CTRL + C (on Windows)  or AppleKey + C (on Mac)

Step 6: Check that the code is 40 characters long.

Grape Sorter at Sahara Expo

The Sybu Data Grape Sorting software, that controls the Vizier grape sorting machine will be on exhibition at the Sahara Expo for Agricultural Machinery.

Venue : Cairo International Conference & Exhition Centre, Nasr Roard, Egypt

Dates : 25- 28 August 2007

Stall : Vizier

Andre Roodt can be contacted at the venue during the event for demonstrations and general enquiries.

Should you wish to setup a meeting during the event please send email via the contact page.

Sybu Data developed TimMan

  • Graphical User Interface for detonator timing management.
  • Blast Planning
  • Supports multiple pattern types
  • Supports multiple detonators per hole
  • Initividual timing for each deck
  • Timing design by increment
  • Timing design by contour / chevron
  • Blast simulation
  • Graph for detonators by delay
  • Display of time contour lines
  • Interfaces to detonator scanner
  • Client : Orica

Sybu Data Vessel Monitoring System for Telkom SA undersea cables

Eneo is the vessel monitoring system developed by Sybu Data. It tracks the movement of vessels in the region of undersea communication cables, such as SAT 2,3.


  • Real-time monitoring of vessel movement
  • User defining of advanced zone to be monitored
  • Rule based alarm management
  • ECDIS – Electronic chart display information system
  • Historical data recall and replay of vessel movement
  • Multiple RADAR support

Installed systems for Telkom South Africa at Melkbostrand Cable Station outside Cape Town and along Kwazulu Natal coast at Mtunzini Cable station.