Sybu Data Booking System

The Sybu Data Booking System was developed to be a complete cloud based booking solution.


  • Cloud based service hosted on Google Servers
  • Using Google Appengine and GWT technology
  • Clients can create own bookings and select appropriate tempory staff based on skill
  • Booking event workflow
  • Custom calendar with visual coloring for quick assesment of bookings
  • Booking filtering and display
  • Multiple users roles, agency administrator, client and temporary staff
  • Backoffice and administration functionality for setup, and reporting
  • Login security using federated identity and openid providers
  • Integrated Google maps with place markers of all clients and addresses
  • Real-time email notification on booking state changes to client, tempory staff
  • Booking item optionally can include timesheet hours completed by tempry staff
  • Booking item optionally can include signoff by the client
  • Monthly reports for backoffice


It was originally implemented as a online booking system for an employment and recruitment agency to manage daily schedules and assignment of temporary staff to clients.


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