Sybu JavaScript Blocker – Google Chrome Extension

icon128Sybu JavaScript Blocker is a Google Chrome Extension to quickly block JavaScript (JS) files from being loaded by the browser.

It has been designed to be easy to use.



Install from Google Chrome Web Store


After you have installed the extension.  It will be visible to the right of the Chrome search/address bar.


It is a little blue shield icon. Click the icon.

The Sybu JavaScript Blocker has 3 modes:  OFF | My Rules | Block All


Mode:  Off


The extension is disabled and will not block any JavaScript files

Mode: My Rules


The extension will only block files configured in the  Rules  section

Enter your rules in the text area, this can be a full URL, or any part of it, as shown below. Press ‘Save and Reload’ when done.


Rules can also be added by click on the [+] button next to the listed JavaScript file



In this example in you choose

1: ga – This will block any JavaScript on any page that contains ga as part of the URL

2: ga.js – This will block the JavaScript with filename ga.js on any page

3:    – This will block JavaScript on any page originating as

4:   – This will block any Javascript originating from domain

5: Other.  This will block any JavaScript on any page that contains the specified text as part of the URL

To delete or remove a rule,  open the Options section, and delete the specific line
To unblock a file (and remove the rule associated with it) click on the [-] button next to the file being blocked.


This display the rule associated with blocking this file and prompt you if it must be removed.


Mode: Block All

In this mode all JavaScript will be blocked, but you will find that most pages do not render properly.  So options are available to allow some JavaScript to be loaded,


Block All will block all JavaScript execution except where it matches the items in allow list.

So for example it may be useful not to block a script like jquery since this is used on many websites to display content dynamically. An example is shown below where jquery and bootstrap is not blocked.


Script to allow can also be added by click on the [+] button next to the listed JavaScript file



The list of JavaScript files loaded and blocked by the browser is shown at the bottom of the dialog.



sd_jsblock_120_06b JavaScript file was loaded

sd_jsblock_120_06cJavaScript file was blocked

1,2,3.. The numbers next to listed items indicated the loaded sequence

sd_blocker_indicator The total number of files blocked.  Click to sort.


sd_jsblock_120_06d  in My Rules Mode: Add rule to block the file.

sd_jsblock_120_06d  in Block All Mode: Remove allow rule.

sd_jsblock_120_06ein My Rules Mode:  Remove block rule

sd_jsblock_120_06ein Block All Mode: Add rule to allow the file


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