Grape Sorter Automation Software

Sybu Data developed automation software for the Vizier Sizer.

  • The software controls the sorting and classification of bunches of grapes for packaging into cartons and punnets.
  • The system received a SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) award in 2010 for innovative design.
  • The systems are installed in South Africa, Namibia, Egypt, USA, Chile and Turkey.


Read more about the system and other of our designed sorting related solutions below.


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Recent projects

Sybu iPad Remote Control for Grape Sorter

iPhone, iPad Remote Control for Grape Sorter

Application specifications Allow Stop, Start of conveyor belt. Adjustment of conveyor belt speed. Display of speed Display of cupfill and 5hr cupfill history Information on weight sorted, total punnets and total cartons. Architecture Overview Development:  Sybu Data Hardware device: Vizier Grape Sizer Communication architecture: …

Grape sorting

Grape Sorter

Please Share The Grape Sorter Management System configures, controls and manages the process of sorting (grading and sizing) of grapes into cartons or punnets in a packhouse. The system groups bunches of grapes together, that meet a specified sort (size, …

Fruit Sizer Software

Fruit Sorter

Please Share The Fruit Sorter Management System configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such as apples, pears, plums, citrus, etc in packhouses and farms.     Product Features: The system features are: The Fruit …

Hybrid Sorter

Hybrid Sorter

Please Share The Hybrid Sorter configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such using a conveyor designed for grape sorting. Product Features: The Hybrid Sorting System consists of an Automation Server and Client Software. Support …

Packhouse Production System

Packhouse Production System

Software to input all codes, lists, prices, costs, and associations for fruit production and packing for packhouse or farm. Network based. Multiple users. Product Features: Codes Fruit Types, Variety, Brands, Target Markets, Classes/Grades, Counts and Sizes, Inner Packing, Fruit Definitions, …


Sybu Data developed Remote Access Management Sofware to support automation systems at remote locations via GPRS

In order to provide software support at remote locations without internet access, Sybu Data developed Remote Access Management Software.  The software interfaces to a GPRS modem to provide internet connectivity.  Software features Remote site can be triggered via SMS to …